How it Works

Normally, as email is received by our mail server, the messages are collected and placed in individual mailboxes on our server. The messages remain there until you connect using your Mail Client (Outlook, Eudora or some other email program) to get your email. The mail is then transferred from our server to your computer. Once the mail has been sent to your computer, our server deletes its copies of the email.

The mail filter works on our server, intercepting email messages before they are placed in the mailboxes. If an email passes all tests, the filter places it in your individual mailbox.

If an email is classified as spam, the filter places a copy of the message on our server in a special storage folder, called the SpamBox. Messages remain in the SpamBox for a period of 15 days. Each night you will receive an email message listing all of the junk email that was placed in the SpamBox during the previous day. You can go to the SpamBox manager at any time to view and process the messages saved there. From the manager, you can:

  • View the contents of the SpamBox for a given day.
  • Deliver a copy of an email to your mailbox.
  • Add the sender of an email to your "allow" list.
  • Delete one or more SpamBox messages.
  • Delete all SpamBox messages for a given day.
  • See Managing the SpamBox for more information.

    Normally, you want to download only valid email. All messages that are marked as spam stay in the SpamBox, and only valid email is placed in your mailbox for download. You check the SpamBox periodically for the occasional valid email, have it delivered to you, and delete the contents of the SpamBox. However, if you wish, you can set the filter to also put copies of suspected junk mail in your mailbox. If you do this, you'll download those messages the next time you run your Mail Client. You can set your client up to place suspected junk mail in a separate folder, so you won't clutter up you InBox. Look at Setting Up Mail Rules for directions on how this is done.