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It is possible for this email filter to classify some valid email as junk mail. Atlantic Internet Technologies, is not responsible for any email lost as a result of using this mail filter. Anyone using this junk mail filter does so at their own risk. Click Here for more information.

Mail Filtering

We provide three levels of mail filtering, which provide protection against email borne viruses and junk mail (Spam). They are:

  1. Virus filtering
  2. Content-based Spam filtering
  3. Confirmed Sender filtering

Virus Filtering

Our virus filter is really a first-line defense against viruses that are carried within email attachments. It is not a filter in the same sense as Norton or McAfee antivirus software. It does not remove viruses from attachments. What it does is check the filename type of all attachments, and if that file can possibly be run as a program in the Microsoft windows environment, it will change the name of the attachment by appending ".txt" to the name of the attachment. If you do happen to click on the attachment, windows will open it harmlessly in notepad, rather than run the program.

Content-based Spam Filtering

Our content based mail filter checks incoming email for phrases, and other characteristics which are common in junk email. In current use it is between 85 and 95% effective in trapping spam. Trapped spam is stored in area on our server called the SpamBox. Each user has their own SpamBox folder. Email is kept in your SpamBox for a period of up to 15 days, and then automatically deleted.

Each night, at midnight the filtering system will send you an email that lists the email messages received during that day, that still remain in your SpamBox folder. You can use the SpamBox Manager to view a list of the messages caught by the filter. from that list, you can opt to have an email delivered to you, add the sender to your "allow" list, or delete one or more of messages in the list

It is important to check your SpamBox frequently, especially during the first week or so of filtering.

Confirmed Sender filtering

The Confirmed sender email filter processes those emails that get past the content-based filter. It compares the email address of the sender against your "allow" list of known senders. If the sender's email address is not in your allow list, the filter holds their message, and sends them an email request asking them to verify their identity by replying to the request.

If they reply, their original email is delivered to you, and they're added to your allow list. If not, the email is discarded after 72 hours.

Since most spammers use totally fraudulent return addresses, they almost never receive the verification request, and therefore, virtually all of the spam is rejected.

When you click on either of the links below, you will be prompted for your username and password. Use the username and password for the account you want to process. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If you have already authenticated, that authentication will be used.

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